ICC world cup 2015

Cricket World Cup 2015

ICC world cup 2015 will be start 14th February 2015.14 teams will participate in this world cup. There are England, Australia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Afganistan, Scotland, South Africa, India, Pakistan, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Ireland and United Arab Emirates.…


Deer is one of the clever animal in the forest. They always fight to live with other animal. They are weights generally 30 to 300 kg. They generally have lithe, compact bodies and long, powerful legs suited for rugged woodland terrain. They always try to save own life from hunters. Hunter can be a man or can be a danger animal who always try to hunt them. Deer are excellent jumpers and swimmers. Deer are ruminants.


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Hard Work


Life is beautiful if you can make it. For a beautiful life you have need to work that can be hard work or soft work. A van driver or a rikhsha driver always do hard work for his family members.…