7 technologies are going to cancellation in this New Year

Overall it was an appropriate time to send retirement 7 technologies.


Ipod classic going to immediately retirement silently for Apple watch and two new debut iphone. Now it is called to IPod touch that Apple flagship music player. IPod classic dismissal was in proper timing commented Mayshabol. It is starting a new chapter in “Apple” history that an organization By “Apple watch”. Music player devices are missing relevance instantly for development of smartphone technology. Overall it was an appropriate time to send retirement one time popular IPod classic commented Mayshabol.
Facebook Poke Appfacebook poke app
‘If Facebook can’t buy any organizations then Facebook copy them’ that is often heard about Facebook, among technology products manufacturers. This example also applies to Facebook poke app. According to many unable to buy snap chat, after the fashion of Facebook started poke feature. This feature contributes users instead make frustrations were being to saying. Finally in 2014 Facebook stopped the poke app.
MSN MessengerMSN Messenger
After buying Skype in 2011, the biggest impact was probably on Microsoft own service. Near Skype losing and taken away MSN messenger is the best known name is windows live messenger. In 2012 Microsoft said their plan to close MSN messenger. But Windows live messenger was active in Chinese market to 2014.
Tech giants Google’s first social networking site Orkut could not be successful to United States but get response from Brazil. In Brazil 2010 Orkut was more popular from Facebook. But though this success, Google closed Orkut over Google plus as a bet horse.
Xbox entertainment studioXbox entertainment studio
When a rumor in market that Xbox entertainment studio is planning to build their program like Netflix and amazon, then Microsoft has stopped Xbox entertainment studio. For this nearly 18 thousands worker lost their job.
Windows XpWindows Xp
Microsoft decided to closed windows xp update system that’s why many old xp operating system users are facing problem. On the other hand Chin officially banned Windows 8 uses in government computer. This country made own operating system for competition with Microsoft, Android and Apple Os X.
Nokia XNokia X
After taking responsibility as a CEO in Microsoft,“Satya Nadella” making some quick change in different division. On of this the announcement to stop making Android based mobile Nokia X. For more careful about windows Os, “Satya Nadella” got this decision.

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