Neelgiri is one of best tourisum place in Bangladesh

Learn about best tourisum place in Bangladesh
Neelgiri tourist spot is situated on the top of the Neelgiri hill in the district of Bandarban. It is a very popular visiting place and best tourisum place in Bangladesh. Due to being very much higher from the sea level the spot is always cloudy. And it is the main attraction of the place. From beginning of the 21 century the place starts to earn fame as a tourist spot.

This tourist spot is established by Bangladesh army and they handle the spot. The spot is beside the Kafrupara area, 50 kilometers away from Bandarban sadar. To reach there you may journey through the road from Alikadam to Thanchi.

The spot is 200 meters high from the sea level. It is an illusive attraction for the tourists. From the midtown of Bandarban the spot is 47 kms away by road. It is 26 kms far from Chimbuk hill when you go by road through Thanchi upzilla. The scenery beside the road through Thanchi is very beautiful. 69th region of foot-soldier of Bangladesh Army is supervising Neelgiri. There are the good facilities of food and accommodation here. When you are looking from the spot to the surrounding area, there are only the hills before your eyes. You can start running to best tourisum place in Bangladesh just now if you want to touch cloud!

Nilgiri tourist place in Bangladesh
Nilgiri tourist place in Bangladesh

You can go to Neelgiri by bus from Bahoddarhat in Chittagong by ‘Purobi’ non-AC bus or by BRTC AC bus from Kadomtali. The non-AC buses take 110 taka and Ac-buses take 120 taka for a ticket from Chittagong to Bandarban. Other than these, you can there by Bandarban-Keranihat route by bus from Keranihat bus-station.

The beautiful scenery of Neelgiri hill and its surrounding environment will keep you charmed always. So far you can see only the green trees and its leaves are visible. The flying clouds will touch your hands and faces every now and then. There remains an illusive environment around you. The vast blue sky above your head seems to call you to her by waving its hands. The unique combination of blue and green is available in Neelgiri. So Neelgiri is one of best tourisum place in Bangladesh.

You can move in the visiting-spots of Bandarban by different types of vehicles which you can get on hire. For the high rates for moving you can hire jeep, Cruiser, Pipe Door and some other brand cars. If you journey there you can move there by the cheap-rate cars like Mahendra and CNG autos. You can move in the local areas of Bandarban by the local buses which will reduce you price of fare in a large amount.

There are many hotel, motel and resorts in Bandarban. Here you can stay one night for 600 taka to 3000taka. From these night haltage you may go to different places with your family members by your own vehicle or by car on hire. You can stay in the specialized resort of Neelgiri. In that case you have to have the reference of an army officer. Because there is no chance to book seat in that resort without the reference of army officer. Without that you can stay there at night in the resorts of Holiday Inn, Hotel Four Star, Hotel Three Star, Hillside Resort, Hotel River View etc.

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