Freelancing and outsourcing in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has seized the third position according to earning from the Freelancing and outsourcing sector. Now freelancing is a greater field of possibility in Bangladesh.
The number of population is increasing gradually worldwide. In comparing with employment for the people is decreasing. But for the facilities of information and technology there is an abundance of employment in the global village. So, a lot of people are taking freelancing as their profession. Bangladesh is keeping pace with them in this context. Bangladesh has seized the third position according to earning from the Freelancing and outsourcing sector. Now freelancing is a greater field of possibility in Bangladesh.

Contribution of Freelancing and outsourcing to Bangladeshi Economics:
The freelancers in Bangladesh have earned more than 3,650 million Taka in 2012. In 2015 the amount of outsourcing work was valued approximately at 443 billion UD dollars. If we can capture 10% of this money that will be about 45 million US dollar. If can capture 5% of it, the amount will be about 23 million US dollar. If we can earn that amount of money it will cross the biggest sector of earning foreign remittance.


What is Freelancing and outsourcing:
When the works of an institution of a developed or underdeveloped country are get done by the people of many countries through different websites then this process is called freelancing or outsourcing. Now-a-days some Websites for job market have become so much popular and dependable. Millions of people are working in these market-places. These websites takes the jobs from different employer and provide those to the workers just as middleman. Lately most of the employing institutions refer getting done their jobs by freelancer than by permanent workers. By this they can get the task completed in competitive and fixed price. On the other hand some people spreading to the farthest corner of the world can discuss with the contractor through online and can provide the job after completing it without working any institution. The institutions in Europe those work with information technologies, most of their jobs done by the online freelancers.


What are the Jobs can be done by Freelancers:
Almost all the jobs can be done on computers, can be get done in the online freelancing market-place. The jobs are available in those market-places are graphic design, web design and development, internet marketing, presentation, interior design, landscape design, photography, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management implementation, programming, database, writing, editing, translation, telemarketing, strategy consulting, videography, documentary, finance and accounting, broadcasting, video editing, making music etc. These are recommendable jobs in the online. There are many tasks on each job.

To Dos for the Freelancers:
If you want to be a perfect freelancer then you have to be expert of a job from top to bottom. That of you have to know the job so minutely that you can compete with all the freelancers of the world in that context. Otherwise you may get some jobs, but in the course of time you would miss the track.


Freelancing and outsourcing sites You May Get Jobs as a Freelancer:
There are many websites who give you the chances to get jobs as a freelancer. These sites are known as market-places. Among these some mentionable outsourcing websites are,,,,,,,,,,, www., Without these you can get some more job market-places if you search on the search engines in internet.

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