Getting Started with the Asian-American Culture know

Asian Americans have moved to the United States for more than 20 countries and speak over 100 languages​​. Their countries of origin are China, India, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, as well as Asian Americans represent over 60 different ethnicities.1 before 1965 there were only about 1 million Americans of Asian descent in the United States. Currently, 10900000 (including Pacific Islanders) 0.2 Most Asian immigrants in the United States since 1965, when the Supreme Court struck immigration quotas based on national origin to come.
In 1990, the largest sub-groups (in descending order) the people of China, the Philippines, Japan, Asia, India, Korea and Southeast Asia Born ancestry.3 Besides language differences, differences between foreign and American-born, city dwellers and suburbanites Old timers and newcomers, the Catholic and Protestants, Christians and Buddhists, professionals and workers, and the rich and the poor, they often replace their common Asian identity.4
Asian Americans in health care to deny the complex cultural, linguistic, structural and financial barriers. For example, in 1980, is in a language other than English at home in October 9th Asian Americans, who are 5 years or older.5 were almost three-fifths Asian Americans born abroad and in 1992 only 17 percent of Asian mothers, the birth in the United States gave, was born in the United States.6 spoken

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