How to get a prepaid master card

Learn how to get a prepaid master card from Bangladesh. you can get a virtual master card very easily.


Why you need prepaid mastercard?

We need master card for Online shoping, FacebookAds,,, GRE/TOEFLFees,GoogleAds,, ACCA/CIMA Fees,, Developer Paypal Verification,Google Play,, SAT/GMAT Fees,, iTune Developer, oDesk Verification,Buying Books Online,, University Application Fee,, Gaming/Gambling,, Android/iPhone Apps, Study Materials,,, DomainHosting, Online Games,  Any Hotel or Air Ticket, online money making job  purposes  Or Any Other Online Payment.


Who provide you a prepaid mastercard?

If you are Bangladeshi you can’t get easily a prepaid mastercard from master card providers. You need to fill many requirements then you get it. But you can get a prepaid mastercard from very simply. They provide prepaid mastercard you simple some condition.


how to get a prepaid master card ?

You can get free prepaid mastercard from very simple way. If you are Bangladeshi you can get it via they can refill your card by Bangladeshi taka. You pay them to their bank account or credit card . We provide some instruction as bellow.


Step one

Go to then click APPLY ONLINE FOR A PREPAID MASTERCARD you will get a form fill carefully & submit. Pay to by their bank account or credit card to When you confirm their payment & complete 1st stapes.


Step two

Now you go to & sign up by three steps. When you successfully sign up then you get your account ID & secure ID. Now click add a card when your card will ready then put your secure id in secure id field & click view card then you will be see your virtual card. Now you give last 4 digit of your card to they will ad USD in your master card. Your Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard  is ready to use.

prepaid mastar cards
prepaid mastar cards

How to refill your master card

You can refill your Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard by click  register & fill the form then confirm your payment.


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