How To Get Soft,Smooth & Silky Hair by Natural Ways

Do you know? How To Get Soft,Smooth & Silky Hair by Natural Ways. Every woman’s dream is to urge long and slick hair. For a few girls it comes as a region of the family genes. Despite whether or not it’s a trend or not, i do know such a large amount of ladies pains for slick and long hair. the way to create hair slick and glossy naturally could be a question that we’ve got perpetually had. However many times it’s straightforward to attain such hair, however maintaining it’s not a straightforward task. I actually have perpetually had frizzly, broken hair, and currently that I straighten my hair much each day, I take further care. Here ar a number of rules i follow that ar the most effective solutions or natural ways that to urge slick hair. it is a part of life style.

How To Get Soft,Smooth & Silky Hair by Natural Ways

1. Cold Water Treatment:Smooth & Silky Hair

Hot water will strip the wet off of your hair, a helpful technique is to rinse the hair with cold water once it’s absolutely washed and conditioned. This helps retain a number of the wet and keeps your hair slick and soft.

2. Combing Hair:

Combing our hair is a standard daily work, however treating it like associate degree art can increase hair growth. Giving a gentle pressure on the comb whereas hair care our hair can increase blood circulation. this may increase hair growth successively. Don’t try this once your hair is wet or facing hair fall downside. Doing this double daily helps plenty in obtaining slick long hair. Additionally it helps to unfold the natural oil from the scalp to hair tip that prevents dry hair tips and you’ll get pleasure from slick model like hair.

3. Oil Massage:

No got to surprise the ways to get slick hair after you have oil massages! Oil Massage could be a massive treatment for slick long hair. so our ancestors created it obligatory for U.S. once weekly. For girls it’s a awfully vital treatment to take care of fine skin and hair health. Massaging our favorite oil from head to toe can rejuvenate our total system. Oil massage on head can stimulate natural oils from scalp and increase the graceful and shining texture of our hair. It will increase the blood circulation on our scalp that helps in hair growth leading to thicker hair.

In India we tend to use vegetable oil along side coconut and vegetable oil as massage oil. Before massaging, heat the oil slightly, then massage on the scalp and hair well by mistreatment fingers. If you’ve got hair fall downside you must not choose a right away oil massage on scalp, because it can increase the hair fall. you may have to be compelled to use a plant disease lord tic within the oil to use oil on the pinnacle. This treatment keeps the dry hair downside removed from U.S.

4. Uptake Healthy Diet:

As I same in my previous article uptake alimentary food can facilitate to enhance hair growth plenty. This can be far and away the foremost vital of the information for slick hair. Sprouts , inexperienced vegetables, milk, Fish and insane ar the foremost vital food to feature in our diet. This diet helps stop hair fall and stimulates the expansion of hair. This diet improves hair texture and it’s look. A healthy diet can work from within and purify the blood which might facilitate to forestall dry hair and dandruff etc. So, begin a healthy diet these days itself to urge slick long hair. Our hair constitutes of 95% water therefore to possess healthy, silky, shiny hair drink two to three liters of water is vital for hair too. This can be one amongst the foremost vital natural tips for slick hair.

More some  tips for soft and slick

Soft,Smooth & Silky Hair

1. Use mixture of shikakai powder, henna (mehndi) powder, amla powder and curd as conditioner to urge soft and slick hair

2. Apply poached apple pulp or pour fruit crush on your hair before laundry

3. Apply yoghurt mixed with associate degree egg 2 hours on your hair before taking shower for shiny and healthy hair.

4. To get that further shine and glow to your hair add two tablespoons of malt or white vinegar to water. Use it as a final rinse once shampoo and conditioner. You will see nice results with it.

5. Beer, affirmative it acts as an awfully sensible conditioner for your hair. Apply it for quarter-hour and wash your hair. Your hair can become therefore swish and slick.

6. Use Aloe Vera gel with hair shampoo that is useful to form it shiny and soft.

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