Invention And Discoveries 2


Invention And Discoveries

Cement, Portland:

Joseph Aspdin, England, 1824.

Chewing Gum:

(spruce-based) John Curtis, US. 1848; (chicle-based) Thomas Adams, US, 1870.

Cholera Bacterium:

Robert Koch, Germany, 1883.

Circuit, Integrated:

(theoretical) G W A. Dummer, England, 1952; (phase-shift oscillator) Jack S. Kilby. Texas Instruments, US. 1959.

Clock, Pendulum:

Christian Huygens. The Netherlands, 1656.

Compact Disk:

RCA, US. 1972.


(first design of analytical engine) Charles Babbage, 1830s; (ENIAC, Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator, first all-electronic, completed) john presper Eckert. Jr. John Mauchly, US. 1945; (UNIVAC, Universal Automatic Computer, handled both numeric and alphabetic data) 1951; Personal computer, Steve Wozniak, US.1976.


(reinforced) Joseph, France, 1877.

Condensed Milk:

Gail Borden, US. 1853.

Contraceptive, Oral:

Gregory Pincus. Min Chuch Chang. John Rock.Carl Djerassi, US. 1951.

Convertor, Bassemer:

William Kelly, US. 1851.

Cotton Gin:

Eli Whitney, US. 1793.


Ernest O. Lawrence, US. 1931.


Dr. William Bennett Kouwenhoven, US. 1932;(implantable) M. Stephen Heilman. MD. Dr Alois Langer. Morton Mower. MI. Michel Mirowski. MD, 1980.


(heavy hydrogen) Harold Urey. US. 1931.


(deoxyribonucleic acid) Friedrich Meischer. Germany, 1869; (determination of double-helical structure). F. H. Crick, England and James D. Watson, US. 1953.


(aniline, start of synthetic dye-industry) W. H. Perkin, England, 1856.



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