Kuakata Tourism place in Bangladesh

Kuakata, the ‘daughter of sea’, is the playground of unique beauty. Kuakata Tourism place in Bangladesh is the only sea beach in the South Asia from where the sun rising and the sun setting can be seen. Observing the scenery of sun rising from chasm of the sea and of sun setting into the oblivion of the sea is undoubtedly wonderful thing.
Naming of Kuakata:
The then-King Mong of Rakhain community dug two well for sweet water so that the local people couldn’t have to drink saline water. The wells are too close to the sea. The name of this area ‘Kuakata’ are due to these well. There after the Rakhains of Khepupara, Kolapara, Golachipa, Rangabali and Taltoli cleaned the jungles of nearby area and stared living and cultivating there.
There is a museum that is built with personal initiative situated at left while moving to the sea. There is ‘Farms and Farms’ company’s a large coconut garden and a flower garden. There are some picnic spots inside these gardens. After the picnic spots there is the 15 kilometers long sea beach. While advancing through this beach one can see coconut gardens and casuarinas garden. Department of flora in Bangladesh has planted these casuarinas for beautifications of the beach. Among these coconut and other gardens there are many picnic spots where men can enjoy faultless happiness. From that place advancing a little distance to the East one can see Char Gangamotir Lake, advancing a little far to the inland one can find Shree Shree Thagore Onukul Chandra’s hermitage and Mistripara Buddhist Bihar. In the West of sea-beach in a particular zone the fishermen dry fish in the month of Chaitra and Baishakh (March-May) every year. There they dry sea-fish of many species in a natural way and after that they deliver those to the different regions of the country.

Kuakata Tourism place
It is better to go to the casuarinas garden to see the sun rising. The position is comparatively well for observing sun rising well. The scenery of how the sun rises through the furrow from the womb of the sea. Undoubtedly many people will reach there before you go. If you go there on foot it will take 20 minutes and if you go by van it will take 10 minutes. There trees in row after row will charm you. This wood has been created by the government under its plan of plantation. To some men the scenery of setting sun is more favorite than the scenery of rising sun. You can easily enjoy the changes of colors of a setting sun.
Generally the roar of the sea is unheard at daytime due to the common sound of the environment. The normal ferocious sound of the sea is noticeable at night. If you want to hear the deadly roar of sea-water you have to there at night. You can easily hear the ferocious roar of the sea staying in any hotel near the beach. You need not to be anxious about your security in Kuakata. But it better to remain in care.
The visitors and the travelers can ride on horse and motorcycle on hire. The bill of fare depends on time and distance. There are some small islands near Kuakata. You can go to these islands by speedboats, trawlers or boats driven by engine. By these transports you may go to islands like Fatrar Char, Sonar Char, Kotka, Hasar Char, Gangamotir Lake and to the deep sea. You can enjoy there a deep and complete happiness with your companions. There are many picnic spots near the beach. All kinds of managements of cooking like cooker, fuel, pots and even men for cooking are ready there.
Though not many but there enough shops there where you can buy things in your need and some fashionable things. Sometimes price does matter here but the fanciful things will make you forget about the sadness of your money. There is well-opportunity to have meal in these transports.
Another attraction in Kuakata is ‘Shootkipalli’ (dried fish zone). You can get dried fish of so many species of fishes in a very cheap rate. The fishes those are generally dried and send to the different regions of the country are Hilsha, Rupchanda, Shark, Loitya, Shaplapata and many others. It is interesting experience to see to dry fishes on long and large platforms.
Rakhain Palli:
While you are enjoying beauty of charming sea-beach of Kuakata in Kolapara upzilla there waiting another attraction for you and that is the old architecture of Rakhains. The traditions of this place is two hundred-years-old. Here you can see the large statue of Buddhist Goutam. This statue is 36 feet high and its weight is 1400 kilograms. You can get a motor cycle easily to go there. The biggest Buddhist temple is in Rakhain Palli 10 kilometers away from Kuakata. The Chinese architecture has been followed to build this temple. You can easily think it as a Thai or Burmese temple. There is a deep and quiet environment inside the temple.
The people of Rakhain community were driven out from Arakan kingdom. Lead by their king ‘Mong’ they cross the sea and set up their shelter in this region of jungle in Patuakhali. They start their life with their own culture. The then-government donated them 3 acres of land and 12 acres for their own village. There the tradition of this community is still culturing.

Kuakata Tourism place 2
Fatrar Bon:
If you go to the West passed by the dune then you will see a small river of muddy water and an island in its opening. The island that tops its head in the waves of the sea is and has the reserved mangrove forest is Fatrar Bon (Fatra Island). Its total land area is some 997507 acres. By this time the island has been famed as the ‘Second Sundorbon.’ There screwpine, gayora, sundori, goran, bain, golpata etc. are available trees and plants. Along with monkeys and boars there are many animals of different species are available here. Every day many trawlers leave Kuakata for Fatrar Bon. Even you can go there reserving a trawler. It will take 20 to 25 minutes to reach the island.
Park and national Forest:
Eco-park and National forest has been built up comprising with the coconut garden, casuarinas, Gangamoti reserved forest, Fatrar Bon and the cops and bushes of Mahipur. A great part of the coconut garden has been broken down into and washed away in the sea by the continuous and indomitable waves. To the East of this reserved forest there has been made a charming casuarinas garden. Though this garden is created by human being, if any one looks at it from the beach at the time of setting sun, especially at the full-moon night, even the tasteless person will be charmed with pure and heavenly appeal. In the day time when the saline air blows through the casuarinas and makes a rough and loud hissing harmonious sound that creates a unique spell in the listener’s heart.
Char Gangamotir:
Another attractive spot for the visitors is the Char Gangamotir (island of Gangamoti), 10 kilometers away to the East from the mainland of Kuakata Tourism place in Bangladesh. You can enjoy the scenery of rising and setting of the sun. You can see there the lake of clean and sweet water. There is the gradually sloped-down furrowed dune in one side and the wide scenery of wood and sky will permanently impress you. Here there are the screwpine, gayoa, chhoila, khoiya and many other trees. The wild boars, wild fowl and monkeys make continual sounds in these gardens. Other than this there is the Boultalipara of Rakhains is close to that place.
The Route to Kuakata Tourism place in Bangladesh:
Kuakata is 380 kilometers far from Dhaka and 108 kilometers from Barisal. Many buses go to Kuakata directly from Dhaka. The main transports in this route are ‘Druti’ and ‘Sakura.’ You can go to Kuakata by these buses from Gabtali or Sayedabad bus stations. They will drop you only 200 meters away from the sea. The bill of fare is 500 to 550 taka only. It will take 12 or 13 hours to reach Kuakata from Dhaka. A BRTC bus leaves Khulna on every day at 7 am. for Kuakata. The bus will take 7 or 8 hours to reach there. If you want to go there from the North region of the country then you have to Khulna from Syedpur by Rupsha or Shimanta inter-city train. If you can reach there by night-trip of train then you can start from there by BRTC bus for Kuakata at 7 am.
After passing over Barisal you have to cross rivers by Lebukhali, Kolapara, Hazipur and Mahipur ferry. But those who go there from Dhaka by river can avoid the trouble of two ferries. Traveling by luxurious launches like MV Parabat, MV Saikat, MV, Sundorban, MV Sampad, MV Prince of Barisal, MV Patarhat, MV Upokul you can disembark at Patuakali or Kalapara. Then you can reach Kuakata by a local transport like bus, microbus or motor cycle. The above mentioned launches leave Dhaka Launch terminal 5-7 pm. rates of cabins in the launches from 600 taka to 2000 taka.
Accommodation in Kuakata:
There are two bang lows and a Porjoton Holiday Homes in Kuakata. Other than these LGED has 2, Roads and High Ways has 1, Zilla Parishad has 2 and Rakhain Cultural Academy has 1 rest. If you want to stay in those shelters you have to take permission in beforehand. Without these there are many hotels and motels have been built up with private initiatives. There are some standard hotels such as Hotel Nilanjana, Hotel B-View, Hotel Golden Parrage, Hotel Beach Velly, Hotel Family Homes, Kuakata Guest House, Hotel Sagor Konna, Hotel Al Hera, Hotel Akon, Hotel Sea garden and Hotel Sriti. You can find fine accommodation in Youth in Kuakata by Porjaton Corporation. You can avail a room here by 500 taka to 5000 taka.
Without these there is another standard hotel named Porjaton Holiday Home (04428-56004) by Porjaton Corporation. You can book room in these hotels from the head office in Dhaka by calling at 02-8811109, 02-9899288.
contacts of some standard hotels are as follow- Hotel Banani Palace (04428-56042), Hotel Kuakata Inn (04428-56031), Hotel Nilanjana (04428-56017), and Hotel Golden Palace (04428-56005).
Some more phone numbers are as given below: Hotel Sky Palace LTD: 01727-030248, 01716-749027, Ananda Bari: 01911-672135 or 01712-849373, The Golden Palace: 01911-672135 or 01712-849373, Hotel Kuakata Inn: 01911-672135 or 01712-849373, Banani Palace: 01911-672135 or 01712-849373, Sagor Konna Resort Ltd: 01911-672135 or 01712-849373.
Dining Management:
You can get homely food is some hotels like Hotel Sefard, Khabar Ghar-1, Khabar Ghar-2. They also provide food in the living hotels. Other than these there are some small food shops like Kolapara Hotel, Hotel Mannan, and Hotel Barisal etc. You can take your meal in these hotels in a cheap rate.

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