Great Footballer Lionel Messi ’s lifestyle

Great Footballer Lionel Messi ’s lifestyle
Ever wondered how celebrities live, about their habits, what they do during their free times and the things they love most? Most of us are even curious to know how they spend their money. Well leave alone the popular socialites like Kim Kardashian and ray j shows that are aired to us live, this is a look at Lionel Messi ’s lifestyle. Indeed one of the most phenomenal players to ever exist, this piece may change the way you look at the Barcelona forward.
His love for food is undeniable. He has a huge appetite for food, his favorite being the Milanese escalope, which he was being constantly cooked for by his mother when young. His love for junk and despise for non-nutritious food such as vegetables led to his coach, Pep Guardiola finding him a psychotherapist to teach him to eat well. The soda vending machine, which Lionel Messi used to abuse, was even taken away from the training grounds to curb Messi’s love for Coca-Cola.
Unlike many other rich celebrities who spend their money partying and luring girls, Lionel is more of a conservative guy. The five time Fifa player of the year has a girlfriend and two kids. How he manages to tame a celebrity’s desire for many women is still a mystery. The good looking Antonella Roccuzzo, at 28, may have managed to tame his ways. Getting his attention is quite hard, as the legendary Maradona once admitted that getting the Catalan on the phone is harder than getting God to an interview.
His love for Maserati is unquestionable. He owns a Maserati Grand Turismo S with a 434 horse power engine which he drives each time he goes to the training ground. A key signature for sport personnel being to own flashy expensive sports cars, the argentine hasn’t been left behind. Other cars he added to his fleet include an Audi R8 and a F340 spider Ferrari. With a net worth of about $180 million, the world’s best paid player doesn’t seem to have a problem adding other cars to his collection.
lionel messiMost of his best friends are always Brazilians. His former teammates Ronaldinho and Deco used to be his favorite before they left the club. He is currently so close to Neymar, Dani Alves and Suarez, all Brazilians apart from the latter. They enjoy each other’s company and together, they always are the ones who find a way to lighten up the dressing room. The Barcelona FC player never speaks Catalan though, unless he is drunk, people say.
Being more of a t-shirt and jeans guy, the football star is perceived to be a humble person, and gives back to the society. He cites that the medical ailments he suffered as a kid is what inspires his love for children and the needy. He has an established ‘ Lionel Messi Foundation’ based in Spain that works towards diagnosing children with illness and funding for their treatment, transport and recovery costs. He was also the goodwill ambassador for UNICEF in 2010, an organization that works towards supporting the rights of a child. This side of him manifests itself in the pitch, where he manages his attitude quite well despite being one of the most fouled players.
He spends his free time reading, writing and watching movies. Playing football on the PlayStation is however what he does most of the times. Together with his best friends and teammates, the 2014 Fifa world cup player of the tournament has too much love for the console. His first year at Barcelona was spent playing it and taking naps, what his brother called a sad routine. He never completed writing his own book on the legendary Maradona for reasons best known by him.
His dream still remains to lift the Fifa world cup trophy. The spectacular footballer has it all, all the silverware any footballer may dream to win, except the gold piece that comes with winning the Fifa world cup. The closest he ever came to it is when he reached the finals of the tournament on 2014. He makes it clear to everyone that it is hard being the best player and not ever winning the world cup.

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