Meet the Pacific Islander’s culture

Pacific Islander peoples are the three major areas often as Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia known. Thousands of islands are in this geographical area. There are large differences in historical backgrounds, language, cultural norms and lifestyle practices of these Pacific nations. For example, are spoken on the islands of Micronesia, at least 12 different languages​​, each associated with different cultures patterns.1
In this respect, the diversity of Pacific Islanders are the most important cultural values ​​that they have suffered through difficult times. These values ​​have the visibility and vitality of contemporary society. These include family, community, spirituality and holistic view of life and health.
Pacific Islander cultures and a strong emphasis on the value of the atomic and suurperheen.Hyvinvointi a collective unit is estimated at more than the individual. “Family” Pacific Islander cultures, including relatives by blood, marriage or adoption, living or deceased. Many Islander families in order to identify the spirit of the deceased person remains an active member of the family. The family is divided in a generation, and the relationships are often determined by the genealogical seniority. Relationship with many Pacific Islanders are seen as part of the whole community.

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