Short Question & Answer(S & T,01-20)

Quiz About Science & Technology:

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  • 01.Qns: Philology is the-
  • Ans: Science of languages.
  • 02.Qns: Anatomy is the branch of science which deals with-
  • Ans: Structure of animals and plants.
  • 03.Qns: Study of earthquakes is known as-
  • Ans: Seismology
  • 04.Qus. Ecology deals with-
  • Ans. Relation between organisms and their environment-
  • 05.Qus. Meteorology is the science of-
  • Ans. Weather
  • 06.Qus. Oncology is the study of-
  • Ans. Cancer.
  • 07.Qus. Study of life in outer spece is known as-
  • Ans. Exobiology.
  • 08.Qus. Numismatics is the study of-
  • Ans. Coins.
  • 09.Qus. Eugenics is the study of-
  • Ans. Altering humans beings by changing their genetic components.
  • 10.Qus. Ornithology is the-
  • Ans. Study of birds.
  • 11.Qus. Entomology deals with-
  • Ans. Insects.
  • 12.Qus. Epidemiology is the study of –
  • Ans. Epidemic diseases.
  • 13.Qus. The microscope is used to study-
  • Ans. Small and near.
  • 14.Qus. The energy of food is measured in-
  • Ans. Calories.
  • 15.Qus. Instrument used to measure relative humidity is-
  • Ans. Hygrometer.
  • 16.Qus. What is the SI unit of temperature?
  • Ans. Kelvin.
  • 17.Qus. The telescope is used for viewing-
  • Ans. Distant objects.
  • 18.Qus. Density of milk is measured by-
  • Ans. Lactometer.
  • 19.Qus. Decibel is a unit of-
  • Ans. Sound.
  • 20.Qus. The instrument used to measure electric resistance-
  • Ans. Ohmmeter.









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