Tourist place in Bangladesh

Here we mention some famous tourist place in Bangladesh. Kuakata is the best famous tourist place in Bangladesh. You can learn about Bangladesh. List of tourist place in Bangladesh is bellow.
List of tourist place in Bangladesh

  1. Kuakata

Kuakata is a sea beach and a tourist spot in the south-west in Bangladesh. Kuakata is known to the tourists as the Daughter of Sea. This 18 kilometer long sea beach is one of the natural attractions in Bangladesh. It is the only one beach in the country from where you can observe the scenery of setting and rising sun. Kuakata is situated in Kolapara Union under Potuakhali district. The spot is 380 km away from Dhaka and 108 km away from Barisal.

Kuakata Sea Beach
Kuakata tourist place in Bangladesh

The history of arriving the Arakanese in this country is involved behind naming ‘Kauakata’. It is assumpted that the Arakanese reached here by being expulsed from Burma by the Mughols. To meet the challenge of drinking water they dug many wells. From that situation the word ‘Kuakata’ (kua=well, kata=dig) originates. Click and Learn more about Kuakata tourist place in Bangladesh


  1. Neelgiri

Neelgiri tourist spot is situated on the top of the Neelgiri hill in the district of Bandarban. It is a very popular visiting place. Due to being very much higher from the sea level the spot is always cloudy. And it is the main attraction of the place. From beginning of the 21 century the place starts to earn fame as a tourist spot.

Nilgiri tourist place in Bangladesh
Nilgiri tourist place in Bangladesh

This tourist spot is established by Bangladesh army and handle the spot. The spot is beside the Kafrupara area, 50 kilometers away from Bandarban sadar. To reach there you may journey through the road from Alikadam to Thanchi.

  1. Nijhum Dwip

Nijhum Dwip (Nijhum Island) is a very attractive island in the Bay of Bengal at Hatia upzilla in Noakhali zilla. Formerly, people named this island as Char Usman. Because of a cattle grazer named Usman came in this island for the first time and it was named so.

Nijhum island
Nijhum island tourist place in Bangladesh

The land area of this island is about 14050 acres. The island became visible for the first time in 1950. The island is a fearless land for the deer. There are more than 40 thousand of deer live here.

The island, situated between the river Meghna and the Bay of Bengal, becomes a big fair of millions of migratory birds in winter (November-January).

  1. Hakaluki Haor

Hakaluki Haor (The marshy land of Hakaluki) is the biggest marshy land in Bangladesh. The land is spreaded in the districts of Moulovibazar and Sylhet. It is situated in 24°01′-24°44′ latitude and 92°01′-92°09′ longitude.

Hakaluki Haor
Hakaluki Haor tourist place in Bangladesh

The total area of Hakaluki is 181.15 square kms. It is spreaded in 5 upzillas and 11 unions. The main source of water of Hakaluki Haor is river of Juri and Panai. The water flows through the river Kushiara to the North-South. In the rainy season the Haor takes its biggest figure when it is flooded with nearby surrounding area. The land area deeps 2-6 meters.

  1. Meghla

The tourist spot of Meghla is situated nearby at Zilla Parishad of Bandarban. The place, shaded with trees and full of varities, is a great source of happiness. There is the beautiful lake with crystal clear water, hanging bridge over the lake, cable cars, open stage, many picnic spots, canteens, tea-gardens, zoo, getting board on boat in the lake; paddle boats, waiting rooms, and children’s park will charm you. If you want you can arrange picnic party here for your family members or your colleagues. There is the arrangement of package system for party management. There are many facilities in the spot for accommodation and amusement.

  1. Hamham waterfall

Hamham waterfall is situated is in the deep jungle in Kamolgonj upzilla in Moulovibazar zilla. As a new tourist spot is drawn the view of the adventure lover. It is 38 kilometers away from Kamolgonj town at Kurma forest bit in Rajkandi forest range. Another interesting thing is that the kingdom of Tripura in India is only 200 foot to the east from this waterfall.

The exact height of the waterfall has not measured up by any accredited organization. Assumedly it is the waterfall is 150 feet high and 60 feet wide. It has two main steps. From the upper step water falls on the second step and then it falls in the shallow pit.

  1. Panamnagor

Panam or Panamnagor is a very old and historical area in Sonargaon. It is situated in Sonargaon upzilla in Narayangonj district. It is 2.5 kilometers in north from the Mograpara railway crossing beside Dhaka-Chittagong highway. It is assumed that the capital city of hundu kingdom in last decades of 13th century was here. Later, when the Muslim capital city was built in the south, it remained a part of the new city. Probably, the then-Muslim administrators set up their residence here.

Panamnagor is a uniquely characterized town. The town is established in both sides of a road 5 meters wide and 600 meters long. The buildings are set in queues in both sides. All the buildings face to the road. These buildings are spreaded to the Panam bazar. There are 52 broken and careless buildings here 31 of which are at the north side of the road and 21 at the south side. The town is well protected by a surrounding trench.


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